Friday, 8 April 2016


If you’re like me, the reason you will choose to wear T-shirts is because they’re fabulously comfortable.
Though I enjoy slipping into fancier outfits time and again, T-shirts are my go-to piece for a relaxed look.

Another great thing about tees is that they can be up-styled and depending on the design, you can pair them with dressier elements to look effortlessly chic. Tucking your T-shirt in, helps pull together the perfect look and helps tidy up your outfit. 

Tucking this tee into these bright culottes and pairing it with heels, made me feel like a Boss.

Dressing up a graphic T-shirt is one of my favourite things to do and you don’t necessarily have to buy a bold or statement making tee and they don’t break the bank.

Another combination I love is, pairing a T-shirt with skinny jeans and heels. This contrasting carefree style creates an effortless chic vibe that appears you didn't try hard (even if you did). 

You can easily accessorise this look with wearing basic jewellery and a clutch.

I think choosing the right footwear is the key to elevate your T-shirt look. I usually add length with pumps or sandals and if I want to go low-key, sneakers or loafers are my choice (I love to add the glossy finish loafers).

If it’s a little cooler I usually throw on a trench coat that’s the similar length as my culottes.

I strongly recommend a graphic T-shirt for cocktail hour. Look for a cropped t-shirt that can be styled with a high waisted skirt or even a full skirt and sky-high heels.

Hope I have convinced you to include a graphic t-shirt in your fabulous outfit this weekend.

-"From my perspective"

Top- Zara 
Culottes- Zara 
Watch- Burberry 
Sunglasses- Dior
Shoes- Aldo


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