Wednesday, 25 May 2016


This weekend we finally got the opportunity to visit the beautiful Yarra Valley and what a fabulous day!
 If you love wine and you love Australia, make sure you visit the Yarra Valley wineries. 

Our first stop- Yering Station

Yering station is located in Yarra Glen with a wide range of wines to taste. When I say a wide range- I mean the wine tasting menu is quite extensive with at least 20 varieties that are complimentary to taste. 

The staff are knowledgeable and passionate about their job. 
After tasting about 10 varieties, I thought it was time to some local cheese to the tasting. and my stomach growling, I thought it was time to eat. 
Instead of going to the restaurant which was full (a good sign), we went to the cafe on their upper level and ordered a cheese platter (cheese and wine makes the world a better place).  The view from the cafe was fantastic overlooking the valley and the hills.

 I have heard raving reviews about the restaurant and would surely go back for brunch. 
I would highly recommend visiting this immaculate estate.

Next up- Meletos, Coldstream

Gorgeous place, fantastic food and wonderful ambience!!

The winery has adjoining beautifully designed boutique guesthouse. The gardens are beautifully manicured with lots of outdoor seating for drinks and meals.

The food choices are superb and the atmosphere was buzzing, blame the beautiful day. 
Meletos specialises in beer and cider brewing. Apple & pear cider was definitely the stand-out for me.

We chose to sit outside and it was the best decision. It's a terrific place for lunch/ dinner and the wood fired pizzas were sensational- the best ever. 

I am willing to go back here for their ciders and pizzas at any cost.

The final destination- Domaine Chandon, Coldstream

Popular for their world-renowned champagne, this winery provides breathtaking views of the beautiful valley and the open space. The picturesque setting is outstanding and one of the reasons it attracts the crowd.

Entry is free and the place is beautiful with a lovely vibe. The staff understand wine really well. The staff member serving us could speak English, Mandarin and Deutsch. Another plus for overseas tourists.

Highly recommend the wine tasting, can't find any fault. They save the best for last- Chandon Sparking Pinot Shiraz- the best red wine I have tasted in a long time.

But the views and wine tasting is what people line up for.

- From my perspective


P.S.- To avoid disappointment, make sure you book the Chandon restaurant in advance. 


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