Sunday, 17 July 2016


Who ever said comfy can't be stylish? You can even wear joggers these day (call it joggers instead of trackies) to a pub and look stylish. Its all about picking the right pieces from your wardrobe and putting them together. 

Weekends for me is usually about comfy outfits and for me nothing's more comfy then a pair of culottes and an oversized coat? Keeps you warm and stylish. Add a wool top with a (built-in) choker and you can beat this Melbourne chill. 
I love this outfit as it's breezy and chic (especially when you know, you will be binging on thai food after shopping).

I wore this for a day out with my friends which included a few hours of shopping. The best thing about this outfit?- easy on, easy off- that's my mantra when I shop. 

Most of you know that I love putting neutrals together in an outfit- just so easy and effortless to style.

Until a few years ago, I wouldn't have thought of pairing lose bottoms with an oversized coat. I would have styled it with a tucked in top or a leather jacket but then again I love experimenting. 
Like I experimented by adding this bright lipstick. The bright lipstick did invite a few extra stares when I was walking down the streets but who doesn't love that extra attention?

Hope you all like this easy to style breezy look!!

- From my perspective

P.S.- Confession, I bought another pair of culottes during my shopping spree in black (obviously!!) 

 Top- Kookai
Culottes- Zara
Coat- Kookai
Boots- Seed Heritage
Hat- Aldo
Sunglasses- Dior
Bag- Kate Spade NY



  1. Beautiful look babe! xo, sharon

  2. I am obessessd with your style! You are so chic and so fashion forward! I love how you style signature pieces! I am loving this combo!! And the weather is looking great too!! Lots of love Tanvi

  3. I love this outfit... Well put together.

  4. You look so lovely!!! Love this look!! ������

  5. As I always say, so chic! Love how you played with proportions.
    xx Su

  6. You look fabulous! Luv your boots.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. You are the sweetest!
    Happy Sunday!
    Xx, Raysa


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