Sunday, 14 August 2016


There are a few wardrobes essential that every girl wishes to wear all year round. For me it’s a midi skirt that’s why I invested in this marvellous wool midi skirt. In my opinion, winter dressing doesn’t need to be dull just because you need to stay warm.
A classic A-line shaped midi skirt takes femininity to the max in addition to being double duty.

I had my eye on this piece from Seed Heritage for sometime and the one reason was it’s weighty fabric. I liked the crisp way in which it falls around your legs. Even after the 30 minutes’ car ride, it stayed in shape (I will be honest, I was worried it won’t).  And the cherry on top- Pockets(happy dance!!!). I love pockets on skirts or I should say on everything.

Easiest way to stay toasty in a skirt is by pairing it with knee high boots and a sweater/ cardigan. Unfortunately, Knee high boots is just something that I think doesn’t suit me so I paired this versatile skirt with these mid-rise ankle boots with a draw string (love these boots from Kookai).

I think you will see me wearing these boots often in the warmer months probably with some boho dresses.

 Ok, so coming back to Midi skirt in winter..... when the winter chill creeps in through your clothes and cuts through like icicles (a lil' drama), you need a skirt that can withstand the freezing cold, hence this wool skirt. Your other options are leather and suede skirts to avoid the chill. These skirts are as stylish as they are cozy.

I would usually style this skirt with a cropped leather jacket for a rocker look but the cold weather and my desire for something different made me want to wear the cropped sweater. For me, this look was casual ‘n’ fun. Something that was comfortable and chic for the lunch at this beautiful winery.

I am waiting for the Melbourne weather to warm up a bit and once it does, I’ll be teaming this stunning skirt with a cropped top or a cotton shirt and some dramatic jewelry.

I hope I have sold on buying yourself a must-have piece in your wardrobe. So, go ahead, ignore the rulebook & break the monotony. This timeless A-line beauty and its silhouette will bring out your inner Audrey.

- From my perspective

Skirt- Seed Heritage (here and here)
Sweater- All bout Eve (Similar here)
Shoes- Kookai Australia (Empire Boots)
Sunglasses- Dior (So Real)



  1. That's such a cute skirt! I love it. Can't wait for cooler weather here in LA so I can start wearing sweaters like you are :) xo, sharon

  2. I love the midi skirt as well as the dress. You look fantastic in it.


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